Meet District Climb’s Dallas VersaClimber Instructor, Grace!

What is your favorite thing about the VersaClimber?

How low impact it is yet can be as challenging as you want to make it. From playing competitive soccer, volleyball, and track from a very young age through high school, my knees have seen many injuries. I love the VersaClimber because it allows me to release that inner athlete and be competitive with my workouts while still being careful and kind to my body.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Buying new bikinis… Summer is over and I keep buying them!

What did you do before District Climb?

I was actually a VersaClimber Instructor in New Orleans where I was also interning at a software engineering firm there. Upon landing a fabulous new software engineering job in Dallas, I moved here for good in May of 2018. I realized I missed the energy and positive vibes teaching gave me so I found my way back to the climber!

Who is your fitness idol?

My fitness idol would have to be Serena Williams. She is not only one of the best athletes in the world, but is so strong physically, and intellectually. I value people who have integrity and grit in all realms of life and only strive to be their very best self.

Why do you climb?

I climb because teaching and transferring my love for fitness and energy is so important to me. I truly believe fitness should never be a super intimidating thing as its so important for our bodies to move and sweat every day. Aside from the physical benefit of staying fit, the act of working out can boost your confidence so tremendously I think everyone deserves to feel that amazingly!


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